Smart individual logistics

Smart individual logistics

Freedom to choose between best prices, timing and cost of delivery

About SMART Team

360-degree Delivery Experience

Official postal and logistics operator of the EU acting on the basis of the license of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission since 2006. Based on the logistics resources of the SMART Post & Forwarding group of services in the EU countries, the company provides a full range of international delivery services for e-commerce enterprises and private senders.

Mail Forwarding

Easy worldwide shopping via virtual addresses


Connecting eshops with delivery services

Post & Courier Services

Best last mile solutions


Focus on growth, leave the rest to us

Our Integrated Bespoke Solutions


We always use high quality corrugated cardboard boxes for parcels. For fragile or heavy items, double-wall or tri-wall constructions applied

Worldwide Delivery

We ship to EU and CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine etc.), but always gain interest and expand into new territories

Cargo Insurance

SPF provides protection against physical loss or damage of your goods during transportation

Safe & Secure

Offers tailor-made security services and risk analysis for warehousing and transportation to ensure that assets are protected across the supply chain

Shipment Tracking

All shipments tracked online allowing to access information detailing the process of shipments as it moves through all route

Cargo Storage

Upon request the cargo insurance policy extends to temporary storage of goods during the normal course of transit

With our help, cargos of any size can be easily transported worldwide

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Fast Delivery

Get expedited express delivery of urgent shipments worldwide

Secured Services

With our secure transportation service, your consignment reaches safely at your destination

24/7 Free Support

Reach out to us, we'll offer you support and point you in the right direction

Affordable Prices

Plug into direct carrier connectivity, get attractive rates and instant eBooking

More than 21,000 users are using SMART Team solutions


Delivered Packages


Tons of Goods


Phone Calls


Happy Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question regarding our services, tracking or delivery? Here you will find our answers to frequently asked questions.

What makes you special from others?

Using of all knowledge about postal services based on UPU standarts, capabilities, we have received a high level of respect from our clients as a reliable bussiness partner

Do you give any offer for premium customer?

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What is typically transit time?
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How can we pick up the cargo at the destination?

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Can you ship my vehicle internationally?

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Do you have warehouse?

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Still have a question? Don't worry, our customer care team is ready to help you with any questions or problems

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